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Mae govannen to Melindo, the very special and private blog of Aragorn and Legolas from LOTR.

The story that will be told here is the one of Aragorn and Legolas' love. The main events of LOTR will be respected but something new will mix with them to create a completely different storyline.

Not only Aragorn and Legolas will post here but also some people who will cross their road. A few names will be invented as JRR Tolkien never wrote about certain characters. But nothing says they don't exist.

So, do expect OOC and keep in mind that this site is PG-13 rated.

Aragorn is the Heir to the Throne of Gondor. Son of Arathorn II and Gilraen, he will be raised by Elrond of Imladris after the death of his father. Named Estel [hope] by the Elven Lord, the Man will always refuse his role of leader and future King. Until the day he realizes that his people needs him. Aragorn also wears the names of Estel, Strider and Elessar.
He is played by silma @ etoile_royale

Legolas [green leaf] is the unique son of Thranduil, King of Mirkwood. He is an expert in archery and a very skilled swordsman. Friend of Aragorn since long years, Legolas joins the Fellowship of the Ring with the aim to save Middle Earth and his people, the Elves.
He is played by feuille_verte @ prince_loup

Nothing is said about Aragorn and Legolas' first meeting in LOTR. But there's no doubt that they share a strong and deep friendship since Aragorn was sent to Mirkwood to find Gollum. Staying in the dark Forest, it's impossible that the Man never met the fair Elf Prince.

And, maybe, they share more than friendship...

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The idea of this blog came to us, Ithilwen and Tinúviel, during some of our many online chats.

We both do believe in Aragorn and Legolas' love. We see it as something very tender but passionate, full of respect for each other. Our favorite word to describe it is bittersweet.

We'd also like to point out that there is no Elf rape/torture here from part of Aragorn, as we truly don't believe that he would do something as dishonourable as that to Legolas.

If you want to contact us, you can do it by e-mail [Ithilwen, Tinúviel] or through our collectives [Ithilwen, Tinúviel]. No flames will be accepted and answered as it is our own point of view on Aragorn and Legolas' relationship. Please, respect it.

Characters, places and names belong to JRR Tolkien. The new storyline is all ours.
Don't steal the ideas, contents or graphics of this site. All what is written here is copyrighted.

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